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Updated, Wednesday, May 29, 2002

New Interviews

Christian Slater, Windtalkers
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scooby Doo
Tom Cruise, Minority Report.
Matt Damon, Bourne Identity.
James Cromwell, The Sum of all Fears.
Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.
Denise Richards, Undercover Brother.
Updated Interview Files
Tobey Maguire, Spider-Man.
Paul Walker

It’s apparent that Christian Slater has mellowed over the years. Long gone is the carousing brat once charged with beating up his girlfriend. Now a father of two, Slater is happily married to Ryan Haddon for the past two years. Preferring to act in ensembles rather than star in his own vehicles, the latest example of that is the World War 2 drama, Windtalkers, in which his character forges a bond with a Navajo Native American.

Tom Cruise in 20th Century Fox's Minority Report - 2002 Photo: David James  Photo  Copyright 20th Century Fox  It’s hard to believe that Tom Cruise is about to turn 40. Far more relaxed and good-spirited than the last time we met for Vanilla Sky, the perennially youthful Cruise has been on top of his game for close to two decades, but has no fears about entering this new decade of his life. “I get asked about turning 40 a lot, and to be quite honest, I haven’t really been thinking about it. You get so busy with your kids and work, but when you’re a teenager or in your twenties, your common thought is: Where am I going to be? I just hoped that I would just keep developing and have the opportunities to make different kinds of movies and hopefully just SURVIVE the flush of when you first start working.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar at the World Premiere of "Scooby-Doo" from Warner Bros. PicturesSarah Michelle Gellar, Scooby Doo Interview. Sometimes it’s not easy being in both a hit television series and shooting a major feature film in Australia. Denying rumours that her seven-year old Buffy was coming to an end, Geller recalls that while shooting Scooby Doo, the live action version of the classic animated series, Geller recalls “doing two weeks on Buffy and then I would do two weeks in Australia and then two weeks on Buffy.” At least her blonde Scooby look was all wig.

Kirsten Dunst is not one to shock easily as her often girlish demeanor suggests. However, on her recent trip to Australia where she conducted some early interviews for Spider-Man, she was appalled at the extent that the local media went to in prying into her private life.

Ashley_Judd_High_Crimes.htmBeautiful and elegant, Ashley Judd (High Crimes) is sporting a large diamond ring, symbol of her recent marriage to racing car driver Dario Franchitti in a fairy tale ceremony in Scotland at Skibo Castle in Edinburgh, the same castle that hosted Madonna’s wedding to Guy Ritchie a year earlier.

After being critically lauded in Vanilla Sky, beautiful and luminous Cameron Diaz is back on screen in familiar territory, starring I the sometimes gross-out screwball romantic comedy, The Sweetest Thing.

OvidieA few years ago Ovidie (The Pornographer) was a well-off, happily married philosophy student. Then her feminism and love of choreography led her to star in adult movies. She explains how.


Matt Damon may be one of Hollywood’s leading men, but he remains equally selective about the work he chooses. Currently treading the boards in London, Damon delivers a complex performance in the cerebral thriller The Bourne Identity, as a man trying to figure out his identity while being hunted by the CIA.

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David Mamet's Heist is--not unlike many of his previous films--amusing, manicured, and fraught with an awkward tension. If your customers have seen The Spanish Prisoner or House of Games, they're by now familiar with the plot-subverting gambit of the double-cross turned triple- and then quadruple-cross. Heist sticks to the formula, and it's selling!
We congratulate all the wonderful artists who contributed to the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, which garnered the best album and best soundtrack awards at this year's Grammys.
2nd Chance
by James Patterson, This is a beautiful work of art filled with shart witty prose and intriguing Ideas. I recommend it fully to anyone with a heightened sensibility for the injustices of this world and the subtle nuances of existence.
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